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Natural and effective PURO supplements

Dutch are available from AITO stores and the online store PURO supplements. Pure and based on researched raw materials, PURO products contain only active and active ingredients, no unnecessary fillers! We were the first to enter the selections PURO Detox capsules and Gentle Vitamin C Powder. The series will be supplemented with new products soon.

PURO is a series of pure and natural food supplements that has been available in the Netherlands for more than 10 years. Food supplements are based researched and carefully selected raw materials, and all the plants and herbs used in the products are organic. The effects of the products are verified by scientific studies.
PURO products are bioavailable, which means that they are absorbed extremely well and your body can effectively take advantage of the health effects of the products. Overall, A and O have the right dosage, good absorption and effective ingredients.

When only the best is good enough for your body

PURO products include only active and active ingredients in herbal capsules, no unnecessary fillers. The products are generally gluten-free and lactose-free, and several products are also suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

PURO supplements are:

  • closely monitored (ISO and GMP quality systems in use)
  • pure: no artificial additives or fillers
  • innovative
  • natural
  • effective and well absorbed
  • free of coloring or sweetening agents.

Choose PURO's researched and natural supplements when only the best is good enough for your body!

Gentle vitamin C for resistance

PURO Gentle Vitamin C. is vegan, natural, strong and well absorbed. The powder contains a buffered and acid-free form of vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) that is gentle on the stomach.

Adequate intake of vitamin C is important e.g.

  • resistance
  • for the weary and exhausted
  • for a lot of people
  • skin well - being and
  • to improve the absorption of iron.

Gentle Vitamin C Powder is plentiful: only half a teaspoon is enough. A daily dose of 1/2 teaspoon contains about 1250 mg of vitamin C. Mix the powder with a glass of water or juice and preferably enjoy it with breakfast.

Feeling lighter with Detox

Does it make you feel tired or do you need an extra kick to your metabolism? PURO Detox is a unique dietary supplement with almost twenty different herbs and plant extracts. It contains several herbs that support liver and kidney function as well as digestion and intestine in a herbal capsule. PURO Detox includes, among other things dandelion, St. John's wort, oregano extract, nettle leaf, golden whip, field card, artichoke and fennel. Restore lightness and well-being with detox!
The product can be used as a course of 10 or 30 days. At the same time, you should lighten your diet and exclude - or less - sugar, red meat and dairy products. Remember to drink at least two liters of water a day during the course.


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