Refund policy

Return or exchange

Your purchases have a 14-day exchange and return right under the Consumer Protection Act for unopened, unused and salable products. According to the law, exceptions include e.g. custom-made products and hygiene products. 
If you want to return your purchase or part of it, take the package to Posti or Matkahuolto's customer service point. A delivery fee will be charged for the return according to the supplier's current price list. Keep a customer return contact card for package tracking. We will notify you by email of any customer returns we have received. If you have not received an acknowledgment within a week of the return, please contact our customer service by e-mail info (at)

Depreciation products have no right of return or exchange. Please note that disposal products may have a shorter best before date, damaged packaging, or something like that. If the product in question is part of a outlet products, the reason for the depreciation or an exceptional date stamp is stated in the product data. 

If the shipment is damaged in delivery, do not redeem the package. Make a written report of damage to Posti staff immediately.

If you receive a product other than the one you ordered, please contact our customer service by e-mail info (at) Also attach an image to the e-mail. whether to cancel the purchase or deliver a replacement product.

NB! Non-picked package is not a customer return:Natural Line Oy / AITOteekki reserves the right to charge the costs of returning the package, the delivery fee and the actual handling costs, at least 15 euros, including VAT.