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Aito Ubiquinol 50mg

Aito Ubiquinol 50mg

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Natural extra flow in active form! 

Aito Ubiquinol is ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) in active form. Each capsule contains 50 mg of the highest quality Kaneka® ubiquinol tested.

Not every human body can convert ubiquinone to its active form, i.e. ubiquinol. For example, in the elderly or those with absorption problems, a ready-made, body-compatible form of ubiquinol is an excellent option.

Ubiquinone, or coenzyme Q10, is a fat-soluble vitamin-like compound. It is found naturally in just about every cell in the body. Ubiquinone helps the mitochondria of cells to produce energy for the needs of cells and the whole body. In the body, ubiquinone is especially abundant in those organs where the need for energy is high, i.e. the heart, liver, brain and muscles.

The body produces ubiquinone itself, but its production begins to decline as early as age 21. As we age, our body's ubiquinone levels fall further. Only small amounts of ubiquinone are obtained from the diet, mainly from the internal organs (liver, kidneys) and meat.

Ubiquinone deficiency can feel like fatigue, for example, because cells use it to produce energy.

The daily dose (1-2 capsules) contains:
Kaneka Ubiquinol ™ ubiquinol 50–100 mg

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, bovine gelatin *, emulsifier E475 (polyglycerol esters of fatty acids), humectant E422 * (glycerol), Kaneka Ubiquinol ub ubiquinol, beeswax, GMO-free soy lecithin, color E150c * (ammonium method sugar). * capsule shell.

Country of origin: The Netherlands

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