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Biohacker Handbook

Biohacker Handbook

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The Biohacker Handbook combines technology, biology, and self-development in an unprecedented way. A biohacker views his body as a complex system that can be developed to a new level through in-depth understanding and personal experiments (i.e., “biohacking”) based on it. In other words, what are the 20% of inputs to one’s own well-being that would produce 80% of the results?

The authors of the book are technology expert Teemu Arina, nutrition expert Jaakko Halmetoja and doctor Olli Sovijärvi update the basic pillars of a good and balanced life: work, food, exercise, sleep and mind. The 500+-page, broadly illustrated hardcover work for consumers is based on more than 1,500+ references. Graphic designer Lotta Viitaniemi has been responsible for the comprehensive layout of the book.

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