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Helppokäyttöinen rasvahappoanalyysi - verinäyte sormen päästä
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Easy Fatty Acid Analysis at Home

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A fingertip blood sample is examined for 20 different values

Omega fatty acids are fats that have a significant impact on health and are often too small in the diet. Fatty acids have an effect, e.g. fat and sugar metabolism, low-grade inflammation, and brain well-being. The test examines their number and relationships in the body in the laboratory.

Biomed’s fatty acid analysis is easy to use, with a blood sample taken from the fingertip itself. The sample is allowed to dry and sent by post to a Finnish laboratory for analysis. You will receive the results in 2-3 weeks at your home by mail or as a security email. The package contains clear instructions.

The fatty acid analysis measures 20 important fatty acids, the amount and balance of which are important for the overall health of the body. Fatty acid balance is important in inflammatory and many other diseases. When the levels of different fatty acids in the body are known, nutrition and with high quality fatty acid preparations correct any imbalances.

Fatty acids thus affect e.g.

  • For fat and sugar metabolism
  • For low-grade inflammation (silent inflammation)
  • For brain well-being
  • Muscle condition
  • For skin and mucous membrane health