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Cardamom essential oil

Cardamom essential oil

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Cardamom essential oil has a sweet spicy and warming scent with a woody balsamic undertone. Pleasantly warming, cardamom supports digestion, strengthens, opens breathing, increases saliva secretion, relaxes and lifts the mood. Cardamom oil can be helpful in alleviating the symptoms of overexertion and mental fatigue. Cardamom oil also increases sensuality and sexual desire.

Cardamom essential oil is steam distilled from dry and ripe seeds.

The black, aromatically sweet seeds of cardamom have long been popular among Arabs, Japanese and Germans, among others. The ancient Egyptians chewed cardamom seeds to whiten their teeth, the Greeks used it as a perfume. The Vikings brought cardamom, known as the queen of spices, from Constantinople to Scandinavia, where its popularity continues to this day.

Cardamom is a safe antiseptic oil. However, people suffering from epilepsy and heart problems must be careful about excessive use of the oil.

You can use essential oils, for example, to make body oil. According to your preference, add a few drops of essential oil to a tablespoon (about 15 ml) of neutral skin care oil. For example, jojoba oil is well suited as an oil. Essential oil is also suitable for creating an atmosphere in, for example, a scented lantern. You can also carry your favorite fragrance with you in a diffuser necklace!

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