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Ceramic non-slip

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Non-slip for safe movement in an urban environment

SandyGrip is a natural choice for safe winter driving. A full-foot non-slip that provides good grip in an urban environment during the winter. The anti-slip device does not have scratching pins, so it can be kept in place, for example, during a visit to the store. Fits all types of footwear and is easy to put on and take off. Made of durable natural rubber. CE certified (EU) 2016/425 compliant.

One (1) pair of SandyGrip anti-slip devices are included in the package.

Manual: First, place the anti-slip firmly on the toe of the shoe and stretch the anti-slip along the bottom of the shoe so that the anti-slip base cup snaps into place. The anti-slip consists of two ceramic plates and the anti-slip can use both treads, i.e. it can be turned and used "upside down".

NB! Avoid use on bare ground. May be slippery on stone and metal surfaces. When used indoors, remove all snow deposits from non-slip to maintain full grip. Store protected from sunlight. If the anti-slip is broken, the ceramic tiles are cracked or otherwise damaged, it should not be used.