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Decaffeinated chicory coffee for a more stomach-friendly coffee moment!

Zenbro chicory root powder is a pure natural product. It is gentle on the stomach, and inherently decaffeinated. The taste of the chicory drink is toasty, full-bodied and coffee-like.

The roots of the chicory plant are collected from the plantations of northern France once a year in the autumn, after which they are carefully washed, sliced, dried, roasted and spray-dried into instant form.

The production chain of chicory root is simple, so all the inherent characteristics of the product are preserved. Chicory root contains health-promoting prebiotics, dietary fiber and vitamins.

Use chicory root powder like instant coffee. It easily makes both hot and cold drinks. You can enjoy the chicory drink as is, or even prepare a chicory latte, fatty chicory coffee or iced chicory.

Ingredients: Roasted chicory root (100%)

nutritional information 100g 1 dose about 3g




Grease starting with 1.1g 0,03g


     of which sugar




fiber 32g 0,96g
protein with 3.6 0,11g
Manual: Dispense 2-3 teaspoons of powder into a cup (2dl) of cold or hot water, milk or plant drink. Stir and your zen moment is complete.

Herbal product. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, ask your healthcare professional for advice before use.
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