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P. Jentschura

TischleinDeckDich® Quinoa millet vegetable meal

TischleinDeckDich® Quinoa millet vegetable meal

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Instantly ready meal

Tastes as such or as a filling for pancakes or vegetables, for example. It does not contain raw materials from the animal kingdom, so it is also great for vegans. Excellent for athletes! A mild-tasting and healthy meal package. Gluten-free, additive-free and lactose-free

Annotation: 50g TischleinDeckDich® and about 200ml water in one serving.

Ingredients: Quinoa *, millet *, dried vegetables 23% (potato *, tomato *, carrot *, onion *, leek *, pea *), rice *, basil *, hornbeam *, chives *, parsley *, Liperi *
* raw materials from inspected organic farms
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