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Raspberry leaf

Raspberry leaf

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High-quality Finnish herbs in the herb workshop

Raspberry leaf is traditionally known as the “herb for expectant mothers”. The delicious raspberry leaf is stewed in tea at its best.

Raspberries are moderately rich in fruit acids and sugars, especially in sunny summers. Raspberries are rich in minerals and trace elements, especially magnesium and manganese. Raspberries are good when used fresh, both as juices and jams. They are also used to make syrups, wines, liqueurs and vinegar. Raspberries are also used in confectionery and cosmetics.

Raspberry leaves can be made into tea and can be collected already in the spring in the form of salads and garnishes. Young dried spring shoots can also be used. Tea leaves are used either fresh, dried or ground. The grind is very suitable for raspberries and brings out new aromas. The leaves contain 400 mg / 100 g of vitamin C; in Russian studies even doubled this amount. The leaves can be collected from the shoots of the first year throughout the summer, but from the shoots of the second year at the latest during flowering.

Raspberry leaves contain tannins that may affect the treatment of diarrhea. In addition, raspberries have a snoring effect and slightly increase urinary excretion. Raspberry has been considered an herb for expectant mothers whose leaves should be used regularly during the waiting period. The fragarin compound in the leaves, when isolated, may stimulate and calm the uterine muscles, accelerating uterine contractions.

Herbal tea during pregnancy:
2 teaspoons Herb workshop with raspberry leaves, 0.5 teaspoon Rosehip powder, 2 teaspoons Herb pot with nettle leaf grits.

Alternatively, you can try:
1 teaspoon Herb mint Mint leaves
Fresh ginger
1 teaspoon herb workshop with chamomile

Mint and ginger can help digest food and chamomile can relax the nervous system and thereby prepare for a better night’s sleep.

Instructions: Boil the water, allow to cool for a while so that the boiling water does not evaporate all the good ingredients. When the water is about 85 degrees, add the herbs and simmer for 10 minutes. Strain the leaves out of the drink. If you want, you can flavor the tea by mixing a little honey or, for example, syrup or maple syrup. Enjoy!

Warnings: Be careful about your diet while you are pregnant. We recommend that you start drinking Raspberry Leaf tea only after week 32, when you can drink 1-3 cups of herbal tea a day. Before this, we recommend drinking only 1 cup a day, but it is still a good idea to consult your doctor before starting to drink tea.

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