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Carmolis Yrttitipat

Carmolis Yrttitipat

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The monks wisely selected herbs

Carmolis is a traditional and valued herbal preparation. The monks of the Carmelite Order prepared it in the monastery pharmacy as early as the 17th century. Today, Carmolis Herbal Drops are already trusted in 14 European countries.

Herbal oils have been commonly used to open the airways and promote digestion, as well as to soothe externally strained muscles.

Versatile composition - Versatile effect

Carmolis Herbal drops contain volatile or essential oils from eleven herbs. The power is based on: peppermint (menthol), lavender, cinnamon, clove, lemon balm, nutmeg, sage, lemongrass, anise, lemon and thyme. The combination of herbs makes it unique and versatile in its uses. Due to the small molecular size, essential oils are easily absorbed and act quickly. That's why even a very small amount of Carmol gives a powerful effect.

Purpose of use:
  • For the respiratory tract
  • To feel stuffy
  • For a rough throat
  • To freshen your breath
  • For steam breathing
  • For the stomach
  • To feel full
  • For a pinching stomach
  • Applied externally to the skin
  • For strained muscles
  • For itchy mosquito bites
Carmolis is made according to an old monastery recipe from the essential oils of traditional herbs. Carmolis is very versatile both in its effects and its uses.

Active ingredients:
Ethanol 542mg
Vesi 323 mg
Peppermint (Menthol)tt 15,1mg
Laventeli (Lavandulae aetherol.) 3,1mg
Cinnamon oil (Cinnamoni aetherol.) 1.6mg
Clove oil (Caryophylli aetherol.) 1.6mg
Lemon balm (Melissae spir.) 1.6mg
Muskotti (Myristic etherol.) 0.6mg
Salvia (Salviae aetherol.) 0,3mg
Sitruunaruoho (Citronellae aetherol.) 0,1mg
Anis (Anisi aetherol.) 0,1mg
Citrus oil (Limonis aetherol.) 0,1mg
Thyme (thyme etherol.) 15mcg

The recommended dose is 10 drops (approx. 0.5 ml)

Dosing instructions for Carmolis herbal drops according to the intended use:

Mixed with hot liquid
Add 5-10 drops of Carmol to hot water or to e.g. herbal tea. Vapors from hot drinks and volatile oils affect the mucous membranes of the nose and throat. The heat and herbs quickly soothe the throat and soothe the stomach after a while. Consume a serving no more than 5 times a day.

Absorbed in a lump of sugar
Drop 5-10 drops of Carmol on a piece of sugar and let it absorb. Suck the herbal sugar lump in your mouth and let the volatile oils refresh your airways. This is an easy way to enjoy Carmol anywhere, anytime. Consume a serving no more than 5 times a day.

In steam breathing
Prepare a steam-inhalable herbal mixture in a flat container in the proportion of 10 drops of Carmol / 1 dl of hot water. Inhale the warm steam until you feel better. You can enhance steam breathing by placing a protective towel over the container, your head and your shoulders. The warm steam relaxes and quickly relieves the stuffy feeling. It is good to keep your eyes closed during steam inhalation.

By gargling
Prepare the gargle by mixing about 10 drops of Carmol in 1 dl of cold or warm water. Gargle the cucumber with an appropriate amount of liquid for half a minute. Fresh Carmolis water pleasantly refreshes a throat that feels rough.

For a feeling of fullness and a capricious stomach
Enjoy 5-10 drops of Carmol mixed with a splash of cold water; maximum 5 times a day.
Stress or overeating can cause stomach cramps or the so-called balloon reaction. Carmolis Herbal drops help digestion and soothe a stressed stomach.

Externally to the muscles
Apply Carmolis Herbal Drops directly to the skin. The oils relax tired and strained muscles

Externally for a stuffy feeling at night
Apply Carmolis Herbal Drops to the temples, chest and neck. The congested feeling is relieved and the whole body relaxes for rest.

For itchy mosquito bites
Apply Carmol to itchy mosquito bites. Avoid applying to broken skin.

Try Carmolis Herbal drops also mixed with lye water!

Usage restrictions! Do not apply Carmolis Herbal Drops to broken skin.

Product ingredients and storage: Ethanol, water, menthol extracted from peppermint (1.7%), essential oil mixture (1.0%); lavender, cinnamon, cloves, lemon balm, nutmeg, sage, lemongrass, anise, lemon and thyme. Alcohol content 65% by volume / 57% by weight. Store the product at room temperature away from light.
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