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Keto Vege recipe book

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Easy recipes from the Keto Vege recipe book for the lacto-ovovegetarian ketosis diet

A ketogenic diet leads to ketosis. It is an inherent and safe state of metabolism where we use fat as an energy source. The book Keto Kickstart - Keto Recipes has been compiled by wellness coach Anni Sirviö, who specializes in ketogenic diet, personal trainer Fredu Sirviö and top chef Risto Lahti.

The delicious recipes in the book are designed to be easy to do in everyday life. You will also find suitable instructions for more festive occasions. The recipes have been prepared for the lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet.

Ketosis has proven benefits for health and performance. It allows you to lose weight, control your cravings and thoughts, make your thoughts brighter and feel more energetic. However, it is a good idea to start your ketogenic diet with enough familiarity to get started right away effectively and safely.