Nettle grits

Nettle grits

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Nettle, the nobility of Finnish superfood

Nettle is a nutritious and versatile plant that contains significant amounts of leafy green, iron, silicon and various mineral salts. Nettle also gives you vitamins A, B, C, E and K.

Nettle is suitable for use as a spice and more widely in cooking. Nettle topped with omelettes and various doughs from pizza bases to rolls. You can also easily make delicious nettle pesto, tasty nettle pancakes or traditional nettle soup from nettle. By adding nettle into your smoothie, you can conveniently increase the amount of nutrients.

The nettle can be brewed with tasty nettle, which has long been believed to renew the blood and strengthen and strengthen its drinker. This is probably based on the fact that nettle has dehydrating effects and a high nutrient content.

When used externally, nettle increases superficial blood circulation. A nettle hair cleanser cleanses the scalp and adds shine to dark hair.

Nettle can also be used for organic plant fertilization and pest control.