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Omega7 Skin

Omega7 Skin

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Internally nourished skin feels and looks good

The combination of the blackcurrant seed oil in Omega7 Skin capsules and the oil isolated from the seeds and soft part of the sea buckthorn contains a lot of essential fatty acids needed for healthy and healthy skin.

The oil is supplemented with beta-carotene, the vitamin A formed from which maintains the well-being of the skin and also supports normal resistance. Vitamin E, naturally rich in berry seed oils, protects the skin from oxidative stress through its antioxidant properties.

  • For dry, irritated and sensitive skin
  • For problem skin
  • For aging skin
  • For dietary supplementation during pregnancy and lactation
  • As a source of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for the entire body
  • For vegans
Amount of active substances in the daily dose (2-4 capsules):
Fat 1,0 - 2,0 g
Saturated fatty acids 105 - 210 mg

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids,

    of which palmitoleic acid (omega-7),

    linolihappoa (omega-6),

    gammalinoleenihappoa (omega-6),

    alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and

    stearidonihappoa (omega-3)

850 - 1700 mg

56 - 112 mg

380 - 760 mg

102 - 204 mg

135 - 270 mg

18 - 36 mg

Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) 4 - 8 mg*

Beta - carotene, of which

    the body makes up vitamin A when needed

0,8 - 1,6 mg

0,13 - 0,26 mg**

* 33-67% of the recommended daily intake, ** 16-33% of the recommended daily intake

Ingredients: Blackcurrant seed oil and oil isolated from sea buckthorn seeds and soft seeds (72%), capsule shell (modified maize starch, stabilizer glycerol, gelling agent carrageenan, acidity regulator disodium phosphate) 6% antioxidants

Dosage instructions: For the first month; 2 capsules 2 times a day
After the start period; 2 capsules daily. Enjoy the capsules with a light meal. If desired, the oil can be consumed without capsule shells.

Dosage for children: for children over 6 months 2 caps. the amount of oil corresponding to the contents. Only the contents of the opened capsule are given.

The dosage may be reduced or increased depending on the conditions and the well-being of the skin. The best effect is achieved with regular use of the product. Suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers.

The dietary supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

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